Posted: March 25 2013 in NewsThe Village Cooking Studio Events

Easter is fast approaching here at The Village Grocer. On Tuesday March 19th, 2013 Evan and his culinary team served up a delicious menu exciting the palates of our guests with the flavors of spring. Each course was designed to expand on the ideas and traditional ways of preparing an Easter feast and get our guests thinking outside the box with new culinary ideas.

Evan’s menu included all of his favorites including his mother in law, Doreen’s spinach dip, to a new twist on serving ham – a rack of pork chops. Evan even demonstrated how to take a leg of pork and turn it into all of the mouth watering meats we serve.

Not only is food important on an occasion like this, but décor plays a large part of it. Linda and Karen, the Queen Bees of The Village Grocer set the stage for this Easter fete by using their decorating panache to capture the spirit of the new season. They provided our guests with 3 different table setting ideas that were all classic and elegant with an imaginative twist all at the same time using items that you can purchase right here at The Village Grocer.

A little bit of décor goes a long way including a color scheme, table setting, and stunning floral arrangements created by the one and only, Greg Nicholson of The Village Grocer.

Eating well, having fun and enjoying the memorable moments with friends and family is what we aim to accomplish.

The following is the outstanding menu that Evan shared with our guests:

Starting off with a preset table full of spring vegetables crudités and cheese sticks served with Doreen’s Spinach Dip. Providing your guests with some light, and healthy appetizer choices is a great way to settle in your guests without over doing the abundance of food.

Next, we had our cream of carrot soup with ginger and orange. We sell this in our frozen food section as part of our Village Kitchen products. We also often have it served in our café if you ever have a chance to stop by for lunch.

To refresh the palates, we jumped to a brussel sprout salad with apple, pecans and bacon topped with apple cider vinaigrette.

For the main course, Evan decided to prepare a delicious rack of pork chops, which he carved for our guests. It is a great way to switch the traditional ham option to something that presents much more beautifully. This was also served with a medley of steamed spring vegetables, and for your convenience we have fresh vegetable options ready for you in our deli department! Also, thanks to Dr. Dave Dudley, and wife Maureen, we have been lucky enough to obtain their outstanding recipe for caramelized onion scalloped potatoes after hosting one of there own events here at The Village Grocer’s cooking studio We love it so much here that we have been sharing their recipe with many of our other cooking classes.

And for dessert, anything from our bakery will be a great option, but Evan’s choice was to serve one of his favorite pies – a Mennonite schnitz pie.

We  hope that these ideas help to create your Easter dinner and decor! Happy Easter from The Village Grocer!