Posted: September 17 2015 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

We’re going to feature our really large air chilled chickens. To start with, these chickens run loose in really large barns, but by definition these are not “free-range” because they have no access to the outdoors. They eat as much or as little as they want, usually a lot, of corn and grains. The air-chilled part refers to the de-feathering process and after. Rather than using really hot water to remove the feathers and outside layer of the skin, cooler water is used which leaves the skin on, and unfortunately the odd feather, a bit of a trade off really, and then they are left to chill down in circulating air rather than an ice bath. A lot of the flavour of poultry comes from the skin, partially explaining why the anemic white chickens you see are generally flavourless, and wetfrom the ice bath. Ours are dry and flavourful, and our guys usually get the feathers before you do! These chickens average bout 5 pounds in size give or take.