Posted: April 01 2014 in News

When ordering a turkey there are a few things you need to know…Firstly, how many will there be for dinner. As a general rule, a turkey will feed one person per pound of meat. This is a bit different with smaller turkeys, as they do not have the same “yield”. So any turkey less then 16/lb must be calculated as 1 per person per 1 ½/ lb of weight. This does not account for leftovers, which is an important consideration for many.

Secondly, the premium rating turkeys are usually the “Heavy Hens”, which range in size from 14 to 25 lb each. These are female birds that have really filled out nicely, and they are delicious. But… last thanksgiving we cooked a 27/lb Tom (male turkey) and it was excellent; the moral being that as long as the turkey is naturally plump, it will eat very well.

Thirdly, we’ll need to know your name, phone number and what day you’ll be in to pick it up. You can order with short notice if need be, but then you must be open minded about sizing. Since we need to order our turkeys 6-8 weeks in advance, and we might end up being short of a particular size and we may have difficulty filling your late order. Having said that, the sizing of turkeys can be a problem despite the best efforts of the farmer, so an open mind about the size is a good policy anyways.

Fourthly, if you would like a boneless turkey breast or thigh, they are available either stuffed with our sage and onion dressing, or plain. Sizing here is usually counted as 1/2 / lb per person, but if you would like leftovers, think bigger. Be sure to ask for the cooking instructions sheet to go with these.

We also have our legendary hams that are available for ordering.

Our Maple Sugar Ham, which won the gold award in a ham making competition. It’s not that we’re so smart, or even innovative, it’s just our stubborn adherence to the idea of not cutting corners and taking shortcuts in the process of making our hams (or anything else we do for that matter). There are boneless and slow-roasted with Maple and Brown Sugar until they are fully cooked. We also have our Traditional Bone- In Ham which is slow cooked over oak, available either whole or half. And last but not least, we have our Black Forest Ham. This is boneless, slow-smoked over oak and fully cooked, ready to go.

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