Posted: April 07 2016 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

This week is memorable for a couple of sporting events, the first being “Masters Week”. If you golf ( or have a pulse ) you will know this is the high water mark of the game. Around our house, my youngest son considers it a given that he will play in it; no questions about the “if”, just the “when”. The other is Blue Jays home opening week. It is not that we have given up on hockey, but it’s just time to do a lane-change in sports, and this will be a tonic for us!

We’ll start really close to home, as this is something that we began making quite a few years ago. There is nothing worse than waiting around the grill after a hard fought game for the burgers or sausages to cook, so we made these steaks thinner and bun-size. No guesswork here! We use the tender chunks of steak that might not be appealing on their own, then they’re trimmed nice, flattened and marinated in our teriyaki sauce. We usually pack them in 4’s, but this week they will be loose, so you can get as many as you’d like.