Posted: December 31 2013 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

Normally I give a heartfelt thanks to recognize our customers for their support throughout the year, and this year I have many more to thank.

It will be a Christmas to remember, that’s for sure! First, what a freak-of-nature to have such an ice storm; taken alone, that was an episode. Add to that the resultant power failures, and we had a whole new mega-dimension. As I write this on Saturday, not everyone has power yet; even now it’s very hard to realized how disruptive that is to life, and how you just have to resign yourself, literally, to how powerless you are. Our situation at the store was a bit different. While we had power on the first day after the storm, we lost it the second day (December 23rd), which happens to be our busiest day of the year. While you as customers may not fully understand what goes into the making and preparation of the product(s) you have ordered and fully expect to find in your visit to the store, it presented us with huge difficulties in getting everything ready. You don’t really need me to explain that a large part of what we do is “freshly made”, and no doubt that is the reason you visit us.

My first very big thanks is to our amazing staff, who rose to the challenge in a very big way. Overwhelming, actually. Almost from the moment the lights came back on, they were hard at work – overnight- to get all those things made and prepared, orders filled, cakes baked, hams smoked and the whole store prepared for what would become the busiest day EVER! This is yet another affirmation for Cathy and I of how fabulously lucky we are at the store to have the folks that we work with.

Tuesday was an extremely challenging day, but you would not believe, unless you were there, how competently and patiently everyone handled the avalanche of business, and further, how patient and understanding our customers were, given the situation we all found ourselves in. Even now, I am overflowing with admiration for all my coworkers, and customers, who would have panicked and gone to “Plan B”, but stayed the course with faith that somehow we would make it all work out. We have been a special part of Christmas for a lot of families over the years, and we are appreciative of that. Furthermore, we intend to be for many, many years to come!

So thank you all, and we wish all the best for you in the New Year!

Cathy and Evan