Posted: November 01 2013 in News

We are making Crisps this week! This is something we have been making since our first store opened. We use different seasonal fruits to make them (apple being the most popular), add a bit of flour and cinnamon, and cover them with a rich, butter-brown sugar topping, the freeze them unbaked. All you have to do is take one home and pop it frozen, into the oven and in an hour you’ll have a delicious dessert (and the house smells wonderful too). These crisps are sold in our new stand up freezer in the middle of the store. This week we will also have some already baked, top top of the bakery counter. Flavours include: Apple, Blueberry Apple, Raspberry Apple, Cranberry Apple, Peach, Peach Blueberry, Peach Raspberry.

Regular 12.95, now 25% off!