Posted: April 03 2017 in A Little Slice of Evan

We have some bad news, and some good news about our Turkeys…..and first the bad! After more then 50 years in business, our turkey farmer has decided to “hang ’em up” and retire. His turkeys has been the best available to us, bar none, and the turkey business is/has been a large part of our business over the years, as any of you have stood in the turkey pick-up line would know!


And now, the good news! After a lot of digging, interviewing, farm visits, visits to us, country lunches with farmers and befriending Elsa, a beautiful Lab farm dog, we have a supplier of Free Range Turkeys from the Palmerston Area. And there is even more good news. Since they happen to own a food mill or two, there is total control over the feed, resulting in that plump, nicely finished bird of the same style of those of old. This Easter marks the beginning of our new business relationship with Elmcreek Farm, and we look forward to many more!


So with that said, give us a call, order online or pop in for a visit and place your orders for your Easter turkey today!