Posted: January 06 2021 in A Little Slice of Evan

Evan here…I had occasion to talk to one of our old-time customers today, and it occurred to me that the anniversary of our original opening would be today…35 years! I can recall working day and night to try and get our little store ready to open, and open we did on January 6th, 1986. To even think of starting a business you must be optimistic by nature, and truly, I am. We were greeted that day by a giant blizzard, starting the night before and lasting all that day, and if I recall correctly, long into the night. I had thought of everything that our new business would need, except a snow shovel!  A brave few did indeed visit us that day, and some of those folk still shop here, all this time later.

Has it been fun? You bet!  As I think about this, the most fun has been the people that we have met and formed friendships with along the way…that’s been the true treasure. The real satisfaction is not that we sold this or that, or the amount of product that comes in and out, but the familiarity that develops with our customers, our staff, and even the trade. It truly is fun to come to work as we try, as best we can, to make everyone’s day just a bit better.

For this support over the years, we say a VERY BIG THANKS, and hopefully there will be many, many more years of FUN!