Posted: January 14 2021 in A Little Slice of Evan

For New Year’s Eve we prepared amazing four course meals for people to take home and serve. Each person got to choose an appetizer, an entrée and a side and then we threw in a dessert. The reaction from customers was amazing, so we thought that for the time being we would make it a monthly thing, and we will be having our first Friday Night Dinner next week.

You will have your choice of one of four mains with appetizers and dessert as well. The complete menu is listed below.

To order, please give Chef Kulam a call at (905) 940- 0655. Orders must be placed by Thursday January 21st (the latest).

Upon ordering, we will confirm your menu options and arrange pick-up time and process for Friday January 22nd.

Trust me, it’s a killer meal and great value.