Posted: April 14 2016 in A Little Slice of Evan

KWAAFEE! This is the American pronunciation of coffee and I sometimes make fun of our token American on staff, Debbie! In our ad meeting last week, Andrea our bakery manager and Debbie’s associate suggested that she’d like to work with coffee this week, and that’s just what we did! So when you are in, let Debbie know that you would like a KWAAFEE, and see how delicious it can be!

Some of the featured items with our kwaafeee theme are as follows:

Coffee Bacon: A the recent Meat Processors Competition, our bacon did not win the prize that it has in the past. The winner was a bacon that was rubbed with coffee and then smoked. We’ve made a version of this for you this week, and it will be available at the meat department. It has been very well received by our taste panel, and we hope that you will like it as much as we have!

Tiramisu Cake: This version is new to us. We make it with a collar of lady finger biscuits surrounding espresso-soaked vanilla sponge, sandwiched with mascarpone filling and topped with dark chocolate shavings.

Cappuccino Mousse Cup: To be ‘on point’ with the coffee theme, these will be served in dark chocolate cups. The cappuccino is authentic and the presentation is WOW!

Espresso Coffee Cake: This is a moist buttermilk coffee cake made with brewed espresso with cinnamon and nutmeg topped off with a layer of crunchy baked chocolate pecan crumble.

and lastly, we will be making a more traditional Tiramisu with alternating layer of cream and espresso soaked lady finger cookies, with zabaione that has been whipped together with mascarpone and sweetened whipped cream, all dusted-up with cocoa powder. These will be sold by the container!