Posted: March 03 2016 in A Little Slice of Evan

We are generally known for doing “theme” ads to promote our store, and many in the industry have asked me about this. There is no magic in this really – we just get together in our ad meetings and explore different topics, some timely, and some by chance. This week it’s easy, because it’s my birthday, and I get to pick all my faves! It was interesting to watch some of the cohorts wince as I got the chance to promote stuff that I don’t often get permission to.

To start, I want to share a new product ( my favorite new product ) that we will be making in the bakery. MAPLE CREAM! This is a family fave of mine as far back as I have memory. It was made and then “tucked away”, only to materialize on special occasions, or when we kids were in grave need of reward or bribing. It’s fudge-like in nature ( but better ) and its really difficult to have just one piece at a time. We’ve finally made it, and it will be available in the bakery section. Make sure you grab a pack or two before it’s all gone!