Posted: January 02 2020 in A Little Slice of Evan

We started our little business about 33 years ago on a hope and a prayer. Pretty well every morning I have a seat in our cafe and savour not just the coffee, but the experience. We have met a lot of folk, and have been supported by a community unlike any other. Our co-workers have melded into a very large family – and we experience daily all that this entails – and we savor that, too!

Our business has morphed and expanded into areas unforetold, and yet as I sit and read that very first business plan that our bank had me write, we still do what we said we would, and have become ‘that’ store that we had proposed, and prayed we would be.

We have made many, many friends along the way, and while, sadly we have lost a few, Cathy and I count ourselves so lucky to be part of all that this business has become – it is so much more than a business to us. We are not getting any younger and we have really appreciated the few days off over the holidays as you undoubtedly have as well.

Further, my Hockey with Heart pals want to say a big Thank You for your unwavering generosity of the season. This year has been the best yet with our food drive. A big thanks to all who participated. It made Christmas better for many.

For all this we say thanks, for your confidence in us, your support and unwavering generosity of purse and spirit. We wish you all the best for another year.