Posted: May 02 2018 in A Little Slice of Evan

Our sidewalk is starting to fill, just how we like it! What is here now are a good assortment of pansy, the most beautiful Ranunculus, which is a container or solarium plant, Ivy, the very first Geraniums, Hens and Chicks, a selection of Hostas which are a part-shade perennial, Astilbe, an assortment of Hydrangeas (standards too), lots of grasses, both annual and perennial, some smaller shrubs and evergreens, Euonymus, perennial Salvia, Veronica (lipstick) and a few fruit trees (really). Coming tomorrow are the first Kimberley Ferns, Geranium hangers, Boston Ferns and lastly, some Coral Bells, a low-maintenance perennial. For our newcomers, please ask how to care for a plant before you buy, DON’T BE SHY! By ensuring that you get the right plant for the right spot we’ll both be happier, and I have learned over time that there is nothing better than a happy customer… and coming soon…….we will be handling BIG GREEN EGG BBQs and the ancillaries that make these one of the best BBQ systems ever.