Posted: June 15 2020 in A Little Slice of Evan

A huge part of the Village Grocer team are our amazing young part-time staff who juggle school, working at VG, a social life and extra curricular activities throughout the year and are excelling in all they have set their mind to. We are so very proud of their accomplishments and wanted to celebrate with them as many will not have a traditional convocation ceremony this year.

Let’s meet the Class of 2020!


Simon has been working at the Village Grocer since June 2019, you may recognize him from our Deli Department, or stocking our frozen entree freezer day after day. Always showing up with a smile and willingness to work. Simon is graduating Grade 12 at Holy Trinity and will be attending University of Ottawa in September to for International Studies and Modern Languages.


Jasmin Kaur Chahal

Jasmin is a very familiar face here as she has been working since 2014 in various departments around the store including cash, bulk packaging, and most recently helping tirelessly in our curbside/delivery program during Covid-19. Jasmin is graduating from a Honors program at York University and will be continuing her education at University of Toronto for a Masters program in Developmental Psychology and Education.


William Selucky

William’s smiling face has been with us since August 2018, at the Meat Department serving up the best customer service (and steaks) in town. He is now a High School Graduate from Markham District and will be headed to Guelph in the fall for Business Management.


Emma Sneek

Emma started working at The Village Grocer in 2017 as a cashier. She took some time off for her studies and is now back helping us out during these unprecedented times we are facing…she is just that kinda gal! Emma is now a High School Graduate from Bill Crothers and will be attending Western University in the fall to study Health Science and Ivey Business.

Stephen Fernandes

You may recognize Stephen from our Meat Department, always lending a helping hand with a smile since August 2019. Stephen is the most recent graduate from Bur Oak Secondary School and will be continuing his education in the fall at Ryerson.


Melissa Ye

Melissa has been working at The Village Grocer since August 2019 as a cashier leaving everyone with a smile as they complete their shopping experience. Melissa is a graduate of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Secondary School and will be attending Wilfrid Laurier University for a Bachelors of Business Administration.


Japmin Kaur Chahal

No you are not seeing double, this is Japmin ( younger sister to Jasmin) who has been working at our Deli Department since 2018. Japmin is now a High School Graduate from Pierre Elliott Trudeau. She is extremely interested in Nursing, but has yet decide on the best school for her. By taking a semester off, you are sure to see a lot more of her here at the Grocer come September as she weighs out her options.


Catriona Chan

The cutest Grocery Clerk in town, Catriona has been working here since September 2019 and the shelves never looked so good! She is also a High School Graduate of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and will be attending Western University in the fall for Engineering and Ivey AEO.


Colin Pickering

You may recognize the resemblance in face and name as Colin is the youngest son to our Meat Department Manager Mike Pickering. Colin has been working on and off at the Village Grocer since 2014, and never ceases to amaze us with his outstanding work ethic. This year Colin has graduated from Seneca with a Health & Fitness Promotion diploma and looking forward to the gyms re-opening to get some lifts in and start working toward his new goals.


Jenna Douglas

Since 2018 Jenna has been a key part of our VG staff. First starting off as a cashier and more recently serving our scrumptious cakes and assorted desserts from the Bakery Department. This is the face of another Bill Crothers Graduate who is headed to Queens in the fall starting a Bachelor of Science degree.


Madelyn Christner

Meet Madelyn! She has been a superstar behind the bakery counter since August 2019 here at The Village Grocer. She is a now a High School Graduate from Markham District Secondary School and will be studying at Queens University in the fall.

Evann Fletcher

Evann is a long-time VG’er working since 2015. She started at the Bakery Department serving customers with a smile, and has now graduated to helping out in our bakery production kitchen where is she using her skills from George Brown baking our famous Jelly Rolls and muffins, along with mixing frostings and fondant for cakes. If you haven’t already guessed Evann has graduated from George Brown College with a diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts Management. Come September Evann was planning on continuing her education, but now has been canceled due to Covid-19. With that said, she plans to continue working here at The Village Grocer making all the delicious treats we love!


Dylan MacDonald

Last but certainly not least, Dylan MacDonald ( youngest son to Village Grocer owners Cathy and Evan). Dylan has always been a fixture around the store – maybe not always the most efficient employee but tried his best. Most recently Dylan has been a rock star helping out with the dairy section stocking milk, eggs, butter and yogurt like a pro. Dylan has just finished his victory lap at St. Augustine Catholic High School and has been accepted to The University of British Columbia and will be part of the Thunderbird Varsity Golf Team family.

So let’s put our hands together for the graduating class of 2020! Congratulations, You did it!