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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

We have the best rotisserie chickens in town and it’s not even close!

1) We just got a new oven that we brought in from France that’s state-of-the-art. Holds them at a steady temperature and bastes them as they cook.

2) The birds themselves are incredible. They’re locally-raised and are also massive. You’ll see roast chickens at other stores in those take-out plastic domes – our chickens don’t physically fit in those containers. Great bang for your buck!

But you can make a great thing even better … every Wednesday we’ll be running a weekly special on a Chicken Dinner for four, perfect for a family! For $24.99 you’ll get a Rotisserie Chicken, family sized portions of Coleslaw and our Roasted Potatoes and four of Cliff’s Famous Butter Biscuits. Available from 3:00 pm to close. First come first serve, while supplies last. No reservations.

Currently @ The Village Grocer

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