Posted: November 14 2013 in News

We’ve gone Dutch….

Appletart:  A Dutch-style Apple Pie spiced with cinnamon, ginger and of course nutmeg ( A Dutch staple). We’ve also added raisins soaked in Brandy and some vanilla. Topping is oatmeal strudel.

Robert’s Boterkoejies: Delicious buttery shortbread with sliced almonds baked in. Packed in our octagon containers. You probably need more than one, because it’s hard to stop when you start eating.

Appleflap: These are our version of Dutch Apple Pastry, made with our Danish dough folded into a square, filled with our cooked apples and sliced almonds, drizzled with fondant.

Dutch Chocolate Cake: We use only the best Dutch-processed cocoa powder when making our chocolate cakes, alongside dark Callebout chocolate. This week we are featuring our chocolate cake with a rich fudge icing.