Event Date: October 22, 2019

Event Time: 11:30 am - 2 :30 pm

Event Location:

The Village Grocer's Upper Level Cooking Studio

Hands-On Workshop
A Tuscan Culinary Experience

Join Karen and Linda and experience a taste of history as you prepare a delicious traditional Tuscan menu based on their culinary adventure at Villa Corti. The class will learn the art of fresh pasta-making and prepare some authentic recipes of Laura Ceccherini, head chef at the villa. Once dinner is prepared, enjoy a slide presentation featuring the beautiful home and surrounding gardens and vineyards of one of Italy’s royal families as you savour your meal. Take home the recipes to create your own royal Tuscan feast with family and friends.

Menu Includes: Panzanella Salad, Fresh Hand-Made Tagliatelle with Parmesan Cheese Butter Sauce, Chicken Scallopini, Tiramisu.


Date: Tuesday, October 22
Time: 11:30am-2:30pm
Cost: $69.99 + hst