Posted: January 14 2019 in A Little Slice of Evan

We have the best rotisserie chickens in town and it’s not even close! Let me lay out my case…1) We just got a new oven that we brought in from France that’s state of the art. Holds them at a steady temperature and bastes them as they cook. 2) The birds themselves are incredible. They’re locally raised and are also massive. You’ll see roast chickens at other stores in those take-out plastic domes – our chickens don’t physically fit in those containers. Great bang for your buck!

But you can make a great thing even better … starting next Wednesday (Jan 23rd) and every Wednesday after that we’ll be running a weekly special on a chicken dinner for four, perfect for a family! For $24.99 you’ll get a chicken, family sized portions of coleslaw and our famous roast potato salad and four of Cliff’s famous butter biscuits. Available from 3pm to close while supplies last.